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Goal-oriented, strong interpersonal skills, able to meet deadlines and to work under pressure, stress-resistant, able to work in team and by myself.

I like snowboarding, kiteboarding, acrobatics, and photography.

Willing to relocate to Great Britain, Austria, Germany, USA, Canada.

DaTravel March 2014 - current

Roles: Senior PHP Developer

• Company's front web site
• Aggregator of search results from different data providers
• Static content project
• Meta search project
• and other sub-projects

• Projects core architecture development
• Enhancement of cache system (MongoDB, AWS)
• Implementation of search aggregation for flights, hotels, attractions
• Development of REST-API for providing statistics
• Implementation of connectors to data providers, such as Amadeus, Sirena Travel, Sabre, GTA, Expedia, 365 Tickets, etc
• Development of Symfony2-based portals, bundles
• Development of CodeIgniter-based portals
• Development of MySQL queries
• Bug fixing and system support
• Review, testing, documenting and optimizing code, enforcing code quality

Creara December 2011 - February 2014

Roles: Lead PHP Developer

• Billing-based partner system (sms billing, virtualization openVZ, rabbitMQ)
• CPA partner system (action-based system, api, rabbitMQ)
• Social network ads partner system (Jira SOAP integration)
• CRM system (REST-API,integrate fulfillment,call center, rabbitMQ)

• Leading the team of developers and QA
• Planning architecture and develop project core
• Development of REST-API and integration of call center, fulfillment service, payment systems.
• Development of Symfony2-based portals, bundles
• Development of PostgreSQL query, functions, triggers
• *nix system administration
• Planning and prepare releases and deployment
• Developing and maintaining company’s products
• Bug fixing and supporting
• Review, testing, documenting and optimizing code, enforcing code quality

Alpari (RU) June 2010 - November 2011

Roles: PHP Developer

• Company informers
• Internal CMS system
• Client personal area
• Integration external payment systems
• Development of financial services

• Development of php code
• Integrate daemon and ActiveMQ for executing internal payments
• Development of MySQL query, functions, triggers
• Developing and maintaining company’s products
• Bug fixing and supporting
• Review, testing, documenting and optimizing code, enforcing code quality

EPAM Systems March 2008 - May 2010

Roles: .NET C# Developer

• Development of company internal HR and training system
• Development of internal Rosselhoz Bank system

• Team work
• Planning of business-layer architecture and development
• Planning of UI architecture and develop front-end
• Development of ascx controls (ascx, javascript, jquery), ASP.NET pages
• Development of web services
• Development multi-threaded application
• Development queries and procedures using MsSQL

matrlx September 2006 - May 2007

Roles: PHP Developer, Manager, CEO

Project description:
Project for completing university tasks related with mathematics, programming

• Development of project core
• Searching for new clients and managing orders
• Searching for and hiring employee

Private projects


Nowadays, a lot of people spend their time on the Internet using different applications like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others. We publish everything about ourselves and our feelings toward the public. I would like to introduce to you Feeddy app, it is a way to aggregate the data from those sites and resend to different destination points, like mobile devices and web site.

These are the key features of the app:

  • Easy to start: just authorize with your social account and get code for your site.
  • Useful creation of a stream - customization by users, tags and date range.
  • Stream publish modes: auto-confirm and pre-confirm mode.
  • The ability to rearrange and remove posts or add directly to the stream.
  • Different beautiful views for a website.
  • Dynamically refreshing photo streams in the user’s app.

Just Bees App

It’s a really great app for doing things together on the Internet. Using this app you can easily create chats and comments to any web page’s objects such as an article, image, or video--really any object at all. On each page you have a public chat of all people located on that page and particular private chats shared with you by your friends. Also, you can see notifications in the feed, when a friend lands on a page which you’re interested in, you can follow it. All your changes will be seen by the people who follow you in the application and outside of it.


The application for collecting information about extreme spots all over the world.

For each particular activity you can find specific features, which help you to understand conditions of it and share your progress.

GitHub projects


Useful library for fetching currency rates from cbr and ecb providers

PHP 99.48%
Shell 0.51%

Symfony2 currency rate bundle, allows convert currencies and load rates via cbr or ecb provider

PHP 98.44%
Shell 1.56%

Easy deploy script for php-based projects

PHP 100%

A PHP implementation of the LinkedIn API with caching ability

PHP 100%

Adds ability to manipulate with git pre commit hooks

PHP 99.82%
Shell 0.18%

Multi environment web page parser

JavaScript 98.91%
Shell 0.82%
Dockerfile 0.27%

This is an entrypoint to Goose

JavaScript 100%

This library allows to compile twig templates to requireJS supported format

PHP 100%

Simple proxy rotator

JavaScript 100%

PHP 78.11%
HTML 10.71%
Nginx 5.88%
ApacheConf 5.3%

This Symfony bundle integrates jsTree and Gedmo Nested Set directly to Sonata Admin

HTML 59.67%
PHP 40.33%

goose-parser node

JavaScript 100%

JavaScript 77.67%
Dockerfile 22.33%

Environment for Goose parser which allows to run it in PhantomJS

JavaScript 95.18%
Shell 2.64%
Dockerfile 2.17%

Abstact Environment for Goose which can be base for other environments

JavaScript 100%

Environment for Goose parser which allows to run it in commmon Browser

JavaScript 100%

Environment for Goose Parser which allows to run it using JsDOM

JavaScript 81.84%
Shell 9.91%
Dockerfile 8.25%

Environment for Goose Parser which allows to run it in Chrome headless via Puppeteer API

JavaScript 84.02%
Dockerfile 13.14%
Shell 2.84%

Paginator enriches ability to paginate over the pages in Goose Parser

JavaScript 100%



Simple wrapper for CKEditor5

JavaScript 100%





This library helps to build goose-parser rules faster and cleaner

JavaScript 100%

Go 82.51%
Dockerfile 9.29%
Makefile 8.19%

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